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Water Softener Liquid 500 ml

Rs. 240.00
  • Zimmer Aufraumen Water Softener Liquid helps in neutralizing hard water ions present in hard water thereby increasing the efficiency of soaps, liquid, and powder detergents
  • It makes heavy and clean foam by neutralizing calcium and magnesium sulfates and carbonates present hard water thereby making washing and cleaning efficient and easy.
  • It helps in the generation of lather in low temperatures. When Used in combination with any liquid or powder detergent, it helps in easy loosening up of dirt and grime, thereby making washing and cleaning easy and efficient as compared to the detergents alone.
  • This unique formulation is completely acid and alkali-free and does not harm any machines/ equipment. It acts by the removal of excess calcium and magnesium salts in the hard water.
  • It helps in low consumption of liquid and powder detergent, soaps, and dishwashing liquid, hence saving up to 30% costs.
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