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Wheatflour & Jaggery Cookies

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Better eating is something we think of every day in the morning but often find ourselves making wrong choices to satiate our sweet tooth. At Mo's we're making some Guilt Free cookies with Wheat Flour and Jaggery (all natural) .

We have completely removed all purpose flour & sugar and replaced them with healthy alternatives like almond powder, oats flour, jaggery and honey. Try these healthy cookies and exercise portion control with Mo's petite cookies.


Additional Information- 
Petite Jar(100g)- Glass Jar
Medium Jar (200g)- Glass Jar
Grand Jar (400g)- Glass Jar

The shelf life of the product-  6 months in a sealed condition
Keep in a cool and dry place
Our cookies do not contain any preservatives.


WheatFlour, Vegan Butter, Jaggery, Vanilla Extract, Edible Mineral Salt, Oats Flour, Almond Powder

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FOR Unisex
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