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ZAAIKA Organic 100% Pure & Natural Raw Kikar Honey | No Artifical Flavours Added | Weight Management - (Pack of 375 GM)

Rs. 280.00

Zaaika kikar (babool) honey brings to you high quality honey variants for several uses. This kikar (babool) honey carries the taste and nutritional values of both its natural ingredients. It is provided to you in an attractive glass jar that remains neutral with the quality of the honey inside. Kikar (babool) honey can be used in various recipes such as milkshakes, ice creams and fruit juices. It can be an ideal topping over salads, desserts and baked goods.

How it is made:-

the honey bee nest is placed in kikar (babool) farm, in the farm the honey bee extracts nectar from the babool and then place back in the nest so in this way our organic honey is formed in such practice you will get the actual honey with same color and taste as there is no impurity in this and it is completely organic.

Raw honey vs. Not raw honey is a crude form of honey immediately taken out of the cells of the honey combs within a beehive. This form of honey is far from pure. It commonly contains bee pollen and propolis, which are both two very positive health additions. Raw honey cannot be heated above 95 degrees fahrenheit, which is the normal temperature of the beehive. While it€™s ok to strain raw honey, it€™s never filtered or pasteurized. It also cannot have any other additives.

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