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Zaaika Premium Quality Lime Pickle,300 Gram

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Rs. 159.00

Pickle With low oil and without any chemical preservatives made of handpicked red chillies to give mouthwatering flavor with any food.

LIME PICKLE-This is a Vegetarian product.

  • Quantity: 300 grams; Shelf Life: 730 Days
  • Material Feature: Vegetarian; High quality Juicy lemons and spices are used which makes this Lemon pickle (Nimbu Ka achaar) more tastier.
  • Special Feature: No artificial preservatives, flavours or colours used. Zaaika Lemon Pickle (Nimbu ka aachar) is OIL Free pickle.
  • This Homemade Lemon Aachar can combines well with indian meals and makes your meals more tasty. Ideal to carry while travelling
  • Packed in a Glass Jar
Ingredients. Cut Lemon, Salt, Sugar, Turmeric Power


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