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Zenius Anti Addiction Capsule for alcohol addiction treatment medicine | alcohol reduction medicine (60 Capsules)

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Zenius Anti Addiction Capsule is the best This alcohol addiction treatment is made for those people who want to get rid of this life threatening and ruining problem. There are people who say that they drink to forget bad memories and there are people who say that they forget everything due to this drinking habit. All the cases, when the drinker becomes used to heavy drinking, fall in the second scenario.

Ø  Treats alcohol dependence

Ø  Reduce and eliminate the craving for alcohol

Ø  Soothes brain and nervous system

Ø  Strengthens liver and filter efficiency

Ø  Nourishes the body parts affected from addiction

Ø  Treats depression and anxiety

Ø  Balances emotional and mental responses

Ø  Keeps you out of fatigue and negative thoughts

Ø  Boosts Self-confidence and capacity to fight the cause

Ø  Improves digestion and treats stomach irregularities

Ø  100% natural ingredients and no side effect

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE 36 Months From the Date of Manufacture
FOR Unisex
HOW TO USE Take 1 capsule twice a day with warm water or milk or as directed by the physician
INGREDIENTS Yashti Madhu, Ajowian, Vai Vidang, Bans Lochan, Dal Chini, Kachoor, Ananat Mool, Amalki, Haritiki, Bibihitiki, Suraj Mukhi, Kushmand, Kasmard
SIZE Pack Of 60 Capsules
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