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Zinc Oxide Powder

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Description: Zinc oxide that consists of approximately 98% micronized zinc oxide and 2% hydrophobic coating material (silicone derivative). Derived from natural zinc ore, super-finely micronized. Particle size <200 nanometer (<0.2 micrometer), mean particle size 86 nanometer. Fine white transparent powder with minimal whitening effect, faint odor. Dispersible but not soluble in oils.

Ingredients: 100% Zinc Oxide Powder


  • Reflects sunlight (UVB rays)
  • Has soothing effects and can be used for skin irritations
  • Has some antimicrobial properties
  • Transparent look with minimal whitening effect
  • Coated zinc oxide is more compatible with acrylate-based thickeners (e.g. carbomer) than non-coated zinc oxide, because it has alkaline properties in formulations and needs therefore less or no neutralizers like TEA or NaOH

Use: Sun care products, makeup products. Does not provide coverage in makeup due to its transparency. If coverage is needed use regular zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Applications: To be dispersed into the oil phase of formulation. Usually combined with organic sunscreens, typical use level 3-6% when combined with organic sunscreens, use level when given alone 3-25%. For external use only.

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