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Zindagi Orange Herbal Infusion - Natural Sugar-Free Infusion- Fat and Calorie Free Health Drink - 20 Sachets (Pack of 1)

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Zindagi Orange Herbal Infusion has a unique profile of nutritional benefits. Oranges contain vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B1, calcium, copper, and potassium. Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins for supporting optimal immune system function. Zindagi Orange herbal infusion on a regular basis can helps to keep your skin looking vibrant and young. Zindagi Orange herbal infusion contains a good amount of fiber which is important for proper digestion. This means that they can be a great addition to a weight loss plan. Oranges are full of soluble fiber making you feel fuller in the process. It protects your body against viruses and other bacteria. Orange’s herbal infusion contains many alkaline minerals which balance out your body once they are digested.

Shelf Life: 24 Months
Ingredients: stevia extract, orange fruit extract

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