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Dedicated Seller Profiles & Marketing

Custom Seller Pages letting your Brand and Store stand out. Professional Marketing & Promotion customized to the requirement of each seller to optimize sales.

Low Fees & Shipping

Shipping starting from Rs. 27/gm and fees as low as 5%

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Fast & safe payments done every two weeks even for Cash on Delivery orders

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Simple & Quick User Interface to upload products & fulfill orders

Selling Fee Structure



Referral Fee

starting from 5%, varies by category


Closing Fees

Rs. 25 per order


Shipping Fees

starting from Rs. 27/ 500 gm

Fees & Charges

What are the Referral Fees?

What is the Closing Fee?

Closing Fee is Rs. 25 / order

Are there any Monthly Plans?

Yes we have Monthly Plans which you can subscribe to and get reduced rates and many other features. You can check it below.

What are the Shipping Charges?

For every 500 gms.

What GST is charged?

GST is applicable of the services at 18% for all sellers.


How does Local Option Work?

Local Option markets your products and a customer can order the product directly from the webiste. This works on a Drop ship model similar to major marketplaces. Once you get the order, it is shipped via our logistics partner and delivered to the customer.

How to Register?

You can register from with us here 

What are the Commission Charges?

Comission is charged in 2 ways. A fixed closing fee of Rs. 25/order and a referral fee depending on your product category.

When is Payment Settled?

Your payment is settled every Two Weeks / or around 15 days and transferred directly to your account.
Payment = Selling price of Product - Commission (including shipping)

Are there any Monthly Charges?

There are no monthly charges to sell on Local Option.
You can subscribe as a seller to one of our plans if you wish to increase your sales and get lower fees. Check them in the section above.

How do I list my products?

You can add your products individually one by one or by uploading a CSV file of your products direclty on the seller panel. For more info you can mail us on

Who will Pack the Order?

The seller has to pack the order appropriately so that it is in condition to be shipped. The label for the order is provided in the Seller Dasboard>Orders> Our logistics partner will pickup the orderfrom your location. 

What is the Return Policy?

You decide the Return Policy for your products. You can mention the seller polciy on your Seller profile page or individully for each product. 

Who takes responsibility if the product is damaged during transit?

We have partnered with the best logistics companies in the country based on their fulfillment history. There are hardly instances where there has been mishandling of an order from their end. But in case it does happen, a thorough investigation is taken place, and we look into the entire matter. The investigation takes place as follows: Foremost, we ask the customer to send us a picture of the manner in which they have received the product. Then, we confirm from the seller if sufficient care was taken while packing the product from their end. In case it is found that the packaging was inappropriate the product has to reshipped from the seller’s end In case the product is misplaced/mishandled during transit by our Logistics partners we make sure the amount for the product gets refunded to the seller.

What about COD?

Yes we provide COD service to customers. Sellers are not charged additonally for COD Orders.

Do you Promote our Brand & Products?

Yes we have an in house Marketing & Promotion Team that will dedicatedly work to create individual promotional campaigns across Search Engines & Social Media that match the requirements of the brand. 

Can I get Payments on a daily basis?

Right now we only have a Two Week Payout method. Soon we shall change it to weekly.