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Aachman Veda Cure For Life Pure Natural Safe Ingredient B-Trim 60 Capsules 500 Mg With Veg

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Aachman Veda B-Trim Capsules - A perfect ayurvedic weight management product. Excess weight can cause health problems. Yet, dieting is not always the best way to loose weight. Starvation diets lead to protein oxidation (loss of muscle and water) making you regain the lost kilos once you stop dieting. B-Trim offers the safe alternative for getting into shape. B-Trim is an ayurvedic formulation that enhances fat metabolism action, Converts excess fat into energy and reduces BMI (Body Mass Index). B-Trim capsules reduces the body weight which mitigate complications related to fat and obesity.B-Trim CapsulesAachmanVeda B-Trim Capsules are made up of 12 ayurvedic herbs that help to improve fat metabolism, convert fat to energy, reduce stubborn belly fat, and lower BMI. Our AachmanVeda B-Trim capsules have been proved to help in the maintenance of a healthy metabolism, which is essential for our overall health.Healthy Weight ManagementIt helps boost metabolism and convert fat into energy, convert fat to energy, reduce stubborn belly fat, and lower BMI.Benefits of B-Trim CapsulesNo more fear of drastic harmful weight loss programs, no more losing weight and then gaining it back.How its ingredients workGuggul has long been regarded as one of the most effective Ayurvedic weight-loss remedies. Shilajit helps boost metabolism, improve digestion and the immune system. Jaiphal helps in the natural breakdown of lipids. Bael has 140 calories, which are helpful for those who are trying to lose weight.

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HOW TO USE Take 2 capsules twice a day atleas 30 minutes before meal
INGREDIENTS Goggul 50mg, Dikamali 50mg, Koolthee 50mg, Shudh Shilajit 50mg, Bel 50mg, Punanava 50mg, Varna 50mg, Ajmod 40mg, Lobhan 40mg, Jaiphal 30mg, Apamarg 30mg & Nimbu 10mg
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