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Aachman Veda Cure For Life Pure Natural Safe Ingredient An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine Recure Hair Tonic 30 ML With Veg

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Ayurvedic Serum for Hair Strengthening with Goodness of Olive is a professional hair care formulation to help control and smooth chemically straightened hair. Enriched with VIT e and Proteins & olive. Hair serum strengthens, conditions, smoothens and provides extra shine to your hair. It is a god sent product for all those who are sick and tired of looking at their dry hair. Just use a few drops and feel the difference yourself. Hair serum forms a thin protective layer on the hair strands. It provides nourishment to the hair, which leads to stronger hair, i.e. they donâ??t break away easily. It provides moisture to the hair, which was lost due to sun exposure, styling tools etc. Split End Serum Regular use of Ayurvedic Serum for Hair Strengthening with Goodness of Olive helps to repair frayed tips and protect from split ends. Light, non-greasy formula smooths, frizz free and flyawayâ??s to leave hair silky smooth with a reflective shine. How To Use: Rub a small amount of Ayurvedic Serum for Hair Strengthening with Goodness of Olive into hands and apply to dry hair. Style your hair as desired.Aachman Veda Recure Hair TonicThis is a special formula made with goodness of Tulsi, Haidra, Neem & Aloe Veera. Each Herb has its own benefits to hairTulsi - Packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and phytonutrients, Tulsi is the hero ingredient for healthy hair and skin. Rich in vitamin K and antioxidants.Haridra - It is a wonderful exfoliator cleanser for the hair and scalp & also stimulate hair growth and thicken hairNeem - Neem Promotes healthy hair growth, treat head lice & condition your scalpAloe Veera - Aloe Veera Contains Vitamin A, C & E which promotes healthy and shiny hair. It also deep cleans oily hair

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HOW TO USE Apply Directly to Scalp.No need of hair wash after applying.
INGREDIENTS Tulsi,haridra,neem.aloe vera
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