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Adorreal Pure Creatine Monohydrate for Muscle Building | 60 Capsules |

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  • Creatine is a natural energy source that is used in muscle and nerve tissue. Creatine Mono hydrate supplementation increases phosphorylation levels in muscles . Creatine helps increase muscle gain and lean body mass

    Helps muscle cells produce more energy

    Supports many other functions in muscles

    Improves high-intensity exercise performance

    Speeds muscle growth

    May help with Parkinson’s disease

    May fight other neurological diseases

    May lower blood sugar levels and fight diabetes

    Can improve brain function

    May reduce fatigue and tiredness

    Safe and easy to use

    Increase in Power & Performance

    Creatine is reported to increase cognitive performance

    Reduces and delays age-related muscle atrophy

    Improves fat-free body mass.

    Increases muscle strength and endurance

    FAQs About Creatine Monohydrate

    How fast does creatine monohydrate impact your performance?

    This will vary from person to person and on how you take your creatine. Individuals who follow a loading protocol can often see improvements in 24-72 hours. Individuals who take the longer, slower approach (just a normal dose of ~5 grams per day) usually will begin to see results within 4-7 days.

    Will creatine help you lift heavier weights?

    Creatine can help you lift heavier weights, albeit indirectly. 

    Is creatine beneficial to women?

    Yes, creatine is as beneficial to women as it is men. There is no special function of the Y chromosome that lends creatine special powers in the male body. However, dosing with creatine may be a bit different for women. Typically, women weigh slightly less than men and often need lower “maintenance doses”, often times 3 grams per day instead of 5 grams per day.

    Will you be able to retain mass after you stop taking creatine?

    Yes, you will. You may notice some slight decrease in weight and muscle volume due to lower levels of water retention in your muscle tissue, but the actual muscle mass, in terms of muscle fiber, will remain after you stop taking creatine.

    Is creatine monohydrate loading required?

    Loading protocols such as those mentioned above in this guide are not required for creatine to be effective. You can achieve “saturation” of creatine by taking lower, daily doses (~5 grams/day). However, this will take much longer and loading protocols increase the rate at which creatine reaches its maximal efficacy level.

    Should I take creatine monohydrate on off days?

    To get the most out of your creatine supplementation you should take creatine every day, even on your off days. Consider it a daily supplement that you take regardless of whether you have trained or not. This will ensure that you maintain consistently elevated levels of creatine in your muscle tissue.

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