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BEARD BROTHERS | Onion & Argan Hair Conditioner for Men, Hairfall control with Argan oil ? 250 ml

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Rs. 599.00
Onion & Argan Oil hair Conditioner nourishes Hair and promotes new hair follicle growth, repairs & regenerates hair shafts for smoother, thicker, healthier-looking hair. It helps protects hair color and aids in reversing the effects caused by the sun?s damaging UV rays, swim in the ocean?s salt water, or pool chlorine chemicals. Restores hydration to the hair shafts and deep inside hair follicle to repair moisture loss due to heat styling and blow drying.Some ingredients and Essential Vitamins & Nutrients found in our Hair Mask:? Highest Quality Pure Argan Oil? Pro-Vitamin B-5? Hydrolyzed SilkQuality Tested To Ensure Purity. Made with 100% Organic Shea Butter & Argan Oil.CRUELTY FREE - SODIUM FREE - PARABEN & SULFATE FREE.Benefits of Onion & Argan Oil Hair Conditioner:? Restores and Strengthens Hair? Improves Manageability? Promotes Natural Hair Growth & Shine? Improves Hair Softness & Texture? Works for All Hair Types? Makes Hair Smell Amazing? Promotes New Hair Follicle Growth
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