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Bebe Burp Organic Baby Food Ragi Cookies - 150 gm

Rs. 199.00

Rich in calcium, these ragi biscuits are perfect for babies (8 months - 10 years) & new mama's to snack on while nursing. The soft texture makes it perfect as a toddler teething biscuit too.  Great for bone development, this biscuit contains other vital vitamins that may help boost yours and your baby's immunity. These biscuits contain no refined sugar, no refined flour, no artificial preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no chocolate, no artificial flavor or color.This ready to eat grandma inspired recipes are simple, handmade and require minimal processing. Ragi has very little cereal fat in It and is non-acid forming. Similarly, it is high in dietary fibre. Ragi has high levels of protein & being a plant-based food it`s a wonderful food source for your baby's protein needs.All of these make Ragi a superfood and an easily digestible grain. No wonder Ragi is given as the first solid meal to the babies. Made with all locally sourced, environmentally gentle, and sustainable ingredients, each Bebe Burp cookie is good for the Planet and good for YOU!

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