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Beetroot Chips - Vacuum Fried (Pack of 3 X 50g = 150g)

Rs. 310.00
100% Vegetarian, No added preservatives.
Beetroot provides a wide range of possible health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, improving digestion, and lowering the risk of diabetes & cancer.
Beetroot can improve the amount of oxygen that muscles absorb during exercise.
Beetroot helps to maintain a healthy weight. 
Beetroot is a good source of potassium. Potassium is a mineral electrolyte that helps nerves and muscles function properly.
Good source of other minerals & Vitamin "C"
Beetroot contain a bit of almost all the vitamins and minerals that we need
All time favorite snack for all age groups.
100% vegetable snacks, Gluten-free and Vegan.
90% less oil than regular chips & High nutrient product.
No MSG added, no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
Retains the natural colour, nutrients  & fibre content of the raw vegetable.

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE 6 months from manufacturing
HOW TO USE Once Open, preserve in air tight container to maintain crispiness
INGREDIENTS Beetroot, Pepper, Chilli, Salt, oil, Masala
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