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BOYO Basil Seed - 250 gm- Tukmaria Seeds Sabja Seeds Seeds for Eating

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HELPS IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Being super rich in fibre and low in cholesterol, these seeds are effective in making you feel full, thus helping you to prevent binge eating and promotes weight management. FIBRE RICH: These basil seeds contain fibre in high amount. When soaked in water, the fibre of these seeds becomes mucus like which further has a laxative effect. SOOTHE STOMACH PROBLEMS: Sabja seeds are known to provide a cooling effect to your stomach, thus avoiding the burning sensations in the stomach which are felt by many when they consume something spicy or hot. HOW TO EAT: Excellent for summers, especially when soaked in water for some time and used in Sherbets or Shikanji. Give regularly to children to maintain good health and improve resistance. Search BOYO to see all our products
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