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Butter Chicken Curry Spread

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Who needs regular butter spread when one can get a package of butter as well as chicken on-the-go? Let us make your life as smooth as Makkhan with Kalchi, where you can have butter chicken anytime and anywhere.

How to use: 1. Apply on breads, parathas, pizzas, dosas, rolls or mix it with rice. Enhance the taste & bring out the aroma by heating before use. 2. Add hot water to make a curry. It doubles up in quantity. Enjoy your delicious curry with roti and rice.

Why is it so-good?

Ready to-eat, 30 gms of chicken protein, Real ingredients, Immunity boosters, Low carb, High Fibre, No gluten, No transfat.

Key Ingredients: Chicken (minced), Curd, Cream, Cashew Nut, Tomato, Garam masala spice blend (in-house).

Preservatives: Natural plant-based antioxidant & 0.1% INS211

How-to store: Keep refrigerated at all times. Consume within 45 days of opening the jar for best results. Keep frozen to extend shelf life. 

Net Weight: The glass jar contains 200 gms of concentrated curry spread.

Serving size: 4 servings per jar. Increase number of servings by diluting it with hot water and adding salt to taste.

Disclaimer: Certain updates are pending. In case of any queries please connect with us on Whatsapp link on the website. We will be happy to assist you.

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