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Chettinad Dip

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Are you a South Indian settled in the North? If so, we are sure you are thinking about all the good memories you have had with Chettinad spices. We also know that you are missing it and definitely craving for it. Bros and Sissy's , Kalchi's are your savior's here. The perfect blend of spices, aromas, and flavors will fly you to your Homeland without a flight ticket.

Why is it so-good?

100% Veg, Ready to-eat, Aromatic spices, Authentic taste, Real ingredients, Immunity boosters, No gluten, No transfat

Key Ingredients: Chettinad spice blend (in-house), Tamarind paste, Mixed spices, Milk solids, Water, Soyabean oil. 

Preservatives: Natural plant-based antioxidant & 0.1% INS211

How to use: Tastes best with crackers, pizzas, burgers, breads & any snack of your choice.

How-to store: Keep refrigerated at all times. Consume within 45 days of opening the jar for best results. 

Net Weight: The glass jar contains 200 gms of the dip.

Disclaimer: Certain updates are pending. In case of any queries please connect with us on Whatsapp link on the website. We will be happy to assist you.

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