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COCO AQUA - instant tender coconut water powder 2 packs - 10 X 2 packs = 20 sachets

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COCO AQUA - is an Instant tender Coconut water powder, that when added to water gives a refreshing coconut water beverage drink. Just add WATER and stir.

Each pack comes with 10 power pack sachets - that can be used anywhere anytime.

Entire sachet has to be used in about 200-250ml of water and stirred well to enjoy Coco Aqua.


It has 5 essential electrolytes 

- Potassium

- Calcium

- Magnesium

- Sodium

- Phosphorus 

These 5 electrolytes are very vital for the body, and besides this the product gives u an instant energy in form of carbohydrates and gets u energetic for the whole day.

Can be used during sports, regular office or for active kids - who need some energy.

Get a refreshing coconut taste and enjoy COCO AQUA in Hot weather and give ur body a healthier alternative.

Your perfect Hydration partner

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