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Feminine Hygiene Wash

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The woman of today is undoubtedly unstoppable! With a wide array of skincare, hair care and body care products available at her disposal, one product – an indispensable one at that rarely makes it to her closet of skin essentials – An effective, gentle and au natural feminine intimate wash.Throw all your worries of facing discomfort, itchiness, rashes and what not with Bliss of Earth’s Feminine Intimate Wash.Our composition boasts off splendid ingredients such as Bliss of Earth Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel, Bliss of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil – all of which cleanse your intimate areas while being incredibly mild, non-irritating and gentle all in one go!The presence of Bliss of Earth’s Tea Tree Essential Oil ensures that your intimate area gets skin benefits in galore. From keeping chances of developing fungal infections at bay to killing off any bacteria thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, from easing any kind of skin inflammation to de-odorizing your groin keeping the fishy stench at bay, Tea Tree Essential Oil is power-packed and spells only goodness for your skin! Bliss of Earth’s Feminine Intimate Wash also ropes in an equally skin-loving ingredient – Witch Hazel. Renowned for its ability to put the kibosh on bacterial infection besides expediting the process of healing of scars, spots, razor cut marks, etc. Witch Hazel also helps skin in maintaining its elasticity.Goodness, goodness and more goodness with a dash of gentility, no wait actually loads of it, wave adieu to discomfiting days when you had nothing to your intimate area’s rescue now that a completely natural, handmade and cruelty-free formulation is here! Motherly care in all the senses.Your intimate parts’ ideal pH level is maintained by this bottle of motherly goodness that keeps you as fresh as a daisy round the clock!

Extra Information

COLOR green
FOR Women
SIZE 100ml
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