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Floral Facial Mist Toner Duo, Vedaearth Lavender Water Mist & Rose Water Mist, 100% Natural & Pure

Rs. 650.00

HEALING PROPERTIES: Balances out pH levels of skin. High in Antioxidants, Anti Inflammatory and Antiseptic properties. Ideal for acne prone skin to accelerate the healing process
REVITALIZES AND SOOTHES SKIN: Restores vitality and suppleness. Cleanses & purifies the skin. Keeps the skin hyderated and reduces redness, irritaion and protects skin.
ALL NATURAL: Lavender (Lavendula stoechas): Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, detoxifies, cools and refreshes skin. Reduces acne, moisturises.
Rose (Rosa damascena): Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, locks moisture and reduces redness. Prevents and treats acne, promotes circulation.
COMBO INCLUDES: Vedaearth Lavender Water Facial Mist 100ml + Vedaearth Rose Water Facial Mist 100ml

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