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Grow fit High Protein Flour 500g

by GrowFit
Rs. 345.00

Did you know 9 out of 10 Indians are protein deficient? The average Indian vegetarian diet cannot provide all the protein that we require. But don’t worry, the solution doesn’t need you to change your dietary preferences or to live on multiple protein shakes. With our High Protein Flour, your roti can do so much more. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Helps build lean muscle, which is an important factor in balancing weight. BODY-BUILDING BOOSTER: Packed with premium sources of vegan protein (45g per 100g serving) including jackfruit and isolated pea and wheat proteins, 1 roti has more protein than in 1 egg. SUSTAIN HIGH ENERGY: With slower release of carbs into the blood stream, it sustains energy levels for hours and avoids energy slumps by preventing spikes in blood sugar. DIABETIC FRIENDLY: With the ideal balance of slow-release carbs and high fibre content, this atta keeps your blood sugar and gut health regulated. HIGH IMPACT INGREDIENTS: Amaranth, Flax Seeds, Jackfruit, Pea Protein, Whole Oats. Make those rotis pack a real protein punch! Serving size: A 500g pack can make 25 medium rotis.

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