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Grow fit Millet Protein Flour | Contains Whole Wheat and Pearl Millet | High Protein | Makes Rotis 500g

by GrowFit
Rs. 265.00

Made of pearl millet and whole wheat, our Millet Protein Flour is a highly nutritious option especially for vegetarians looking to increase their protein intake while managing their weight. One roti made from this flour has a whopping 6g protein, less than 10g net carbs and only 0.5g fat! WEIGHT LOSS & DIGESTION: High fibre and low carb content that's great for digestion and weight loss. Also helps resolve issues like diarrhea and supports healthy gut flora to prevent peptic ulcers. High protein (30g per 100g serving) helps build lean muscle. BOOST KIDNEY & LIVER FUNCTION: Millet is rich in catechins such as quercetin which enhance liver and kidney function. DIABETIC FRIENDLY: The magnesium content of millet provides a variety of benefits including improving insulin sensitivity to help prevent type 2 diabetes. IRON RICH: helps prevent anemia by supporting the formation of red blood cells and maintaining adequate hemoglobin levels. HIGH IMPACT INGREDIENTS: Vitamins, minerals, pearl millets, whole wheat, and psyllium husk.

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