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Grow fit Ultra Low Carb Flour| Keto Friendly | Packed with Vitamins | Sugar Control 1 Kg

by GrowFit
Rs. 690.00

With science and the media now discussing what we have known for years -- that carbs are the culprit behind weight gain, not fats -- everyone is rushing to alter their diet and lifestyle. The first casualty of the change has been the humble daily staple, the roti. Along with it have gone breads, cakes, biscuits, and the like. But what if you could have your low carb cake, and eat it too? With our Ultra Low Carb Flour, you certainly can. LOW CARB CONTENT: At only 3 gm net carbs per roti (a normal one has over 30gm!), this flour is ideal for people with diabetes and those on a ketogenic or low carb diet. HIGH IN PROTEIN & FIBRE: Made with premium sources of vegetarian protein, Growfit Ultra Low Carb Flour helps increase your protein intake, without any significant changes to your diet. Additionally, it will keep your gut healthy and your cholesterol in check. Filled with natural fibre, this flour promotes intestinal health and minimises inflammation. IMPROVES OVERALL HEALTH: Growfit products are made in collaboration with nutritionists and doctors to help people with weight loss, PCOS, Diabetes, and other metabolic diseases. They are made with PREMIUM INGREDIENTS, are lab tested and their nutritional value is supported by FSSAI. ABSOLUTELY FRESH & KOSHER: At Growfit, all of the flour is ordered as per request or in small batches to ensure that every pack you buy is the latest product and is the freshest flour you can have. It is responsibly sourced, is Kosher, and has ZERO transfat. So, when you use Growfit flour, you can be absolutely certain that your rotis will be light, fluffy, and fresh! EASY TO MAKE: It is very easy to prepare dough and rotis using Growfit Ultra Low Carb Keto Flour as compared to other Keto flours available. Prepare soft dough using warm water repeatedly till you get a soft dough and let the dough sit for 10 mins before rolling the roti. It tastes great because it is made from healthy & tasty ingredients like almond meal, flax seed, soya, and more! Serving size: A 400g pack can make 20 medium rotis.

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