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Hashmi Cute B Cream | Reduce Breast Size | Breast Reduce Treatment | Useful To Reduce Breast Size Naturally | Helpful To Reduce Excessive Breast Size

Rs. 2,171.00

About Hashmi Cute-B Herbal Cream

Hashmi Cute-B is a safe and natural Unani cream that may help to tone the size of your breasts. Cute-B cream may help to break down excess breast tissue in the mammary glands. Cute-B has been seen to target these tissues and reduce them in size. The result is smaller firmer natural breasts. Results typically start to show around week two; you may begin to notice an overall firming of your breasts. After week five or six you will start to see a noticeable decrease in breast size. 

Indications of Hashmi Cute-B Herbal Cream 

  • Smaller firmer breasts
  • Reduce over sized breasts naturally
  • Assist in the removal of excessive chest tissue
  • Tightening and lifting their breasts
  • Balance female hormones and reduce breast size

Extra Information

COLOR natural
CONTENTS / IN THE BOX ( Pack of 1 Bottle ) ( Prescription Not Required )
FOR Women
HOW TO USE Massage your targeted area softly for 2 minutes
SIZE pack of 1
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