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Healthvit Fitness Essential Amino Acid

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Healthvit Fitness EAA Essential Amino Acid Powder Fully Loaded EAA Formula – 300gm Watermelon FlavourHEALTHVIT FITNESS RECOVER EAA POWDERWhat are EAA?Healthvit Fitness EAA Contains All 9 EAA’s High dose of BCAA’s and High dose of the most important EAA’s for recovery, immune function, central nervous system support and lean muscle tissue.Recover EAA strictly contains the 9 Essential Amino Acids; the human body cannot produce on its own. It contains proper doses of these 9 EAAs increases muscle protein synthesis, prevents muscle breakdown, enhances performance, improves metabolism and speeds up recovery. Healthvit Fitness EAA provides you with a massive dose of over 8.6 g of Essential Amino Acids, consisting of a whopping 6 g of BCAAs at the scientifically proven 2:1,1 ratio, and loaded 2.4 g combo of L-Lysine & L-Threonine, both often overlooked EAAs yet extremely crucial to muscle tissue growth and the recovery process.• Instantized For Rapid Absorption• Helps In Repair Muscle And Reduce Soreness.• Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis
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