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Healthvit Goji Berry 600 mg | for Anti-Aging & Skin Health | Supports Immune System Function | Liver Detox | Enhanced Energy Levels | Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar | Vegan And Gluten Free | 60 Capsules

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Healthvit Goji Berry 600 mg, 60 Capsules| for Anti-Aging & Skin Health, Supports Immune System Function, Liver Detox, Increased Energy, Helps Stabilize Blood SugarGoji Genies are good source of Vitamin C. Fiber, Iron, Vitamin A, Zinc and all essential amino acids. The vitamins in Goji berries may be able to increase flu protection and support immune system. It contains high level of antioxidants, especially zeaxanthin. Potentially it helps to lower blood sugar, improve sugar tolerance, alleviate insulin resistance, improve and recover cells that help produce insulin. Amount per Serving – 600 mg, Amount per Capsule – 600 mgAntioxidant Rich – Our Goji Berry supplement has high antioxidant content together with Vitamin C, fiber and beta carotene for unsurpassed quality to support cellular health.Health Benefits – Goji Berry is a great natural source of Vitamin C, fiber and beta carotene to boost your immune system and improve skin, gut and eye health.Some of the benefits include – lowering of cholesterol, protection of the liver and skin. It also helps in improving eyesight, general well-being and strengthening the immune system.The Superberries – Goji Berries are a good source of vitamins and minerals that contain vitamin C, A, fiber, iron, zinc and antioxidants. It also contains of 8 essential amino acids. The carbohydrates in goji berry are complex carbs, which reduce your risk of a sugar crash afterwards.• Protects Cardiovascular System• Antioxidants for Eyes & Skin• Maintains Blood Sugar Level• Boosts Immune SystemDirection of use: – Take 1 capsule up to four day with or without food, or as directed by a health care practitioner.Ingredients: – Goji BerryOther Ingredients: – Anhydrous Lactose, Magnesium Stearate Colloidal Silicon Dioxide.
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