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Healthvit Raw Whey Isolate Protein Supplement Powder 500g- Unflavored (33 Serving)

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Healthvit Raw Whey Isolate Protein Supplement Powder 500g- Unflavored (33 Serving)Healthvit Raw Whey Isolate is a premium quality whey protein containing whey protein isolate that helps promote easy absorption of protein by your muscles for a swift release of the protein energy. It is a superior quality whey protein developed using micro-filtered technology to ensure that your muscles get the optimum amount of protein they need for building muscle.Helps in Faster Post Workout RecoveryHealthvit whey isolate not only contains protein but is also rich in BCAAs and EARS. It helps build endurance and increases your stamina. Moreover, it supports faster recovery after an intense workout sessions. Thus, it is a perfect protein supplement with a wide array of benefits.This supplement helps you in enhancing the growth of your muscles and eliminates the unwanted fats from your body. The micro-filtered whey protein in this supplement is absorbed rapidly by the body, which enhances the anabolic muscle proteins. This helps in increasing your workout performance and endurance so that you can train for long hours without feeling fatigued at any point.Enriched with branched chain amino acids and essential amino acids, this supplement improves the recovery and growth of your muscles, which enables you to return to your workout routine fast. The equal amounts of BCAAs and whey protein isolate prevent the breakdown of your muscles and maintain the lean muscle tissues.Help In:• Improves energy and strength• Builds immunity and supports fitness• Critical for muscle growth and repair• 26.7g protein with every 33g scoop• Build lean muscle,• Enhances recovery• Reduces muscle loss

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