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Heart Tea

Rs. 230.00

Arjuna Tea For Heart: The superfood for your heart, it Improves heart functioning as it increases the oxygen flow to heart, Strengthens the heart muscles and increases platelet count .It reduces extra fats in the body, useful in urinary tract infections, fractures and chest injuries.With Zero side effects, it can be used by anyone. Our Tea contains NO sugar, No preservatives, No flavours and is caffeine free. Usage : 3g-5g per day or as directed by the health professional 2. Increases oxygen flow to heart 3.Burns body fat 4. Good for diabetes 5. BP and cholestrol 6. increases platelet 7. Natural anti oxidant ,_,Energy (KCal)- 1cal Protein(g)- 0g Carbohydrates(g)- 0g Fat(g)- Traces

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