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Herbal Garden Protection Spray for Pest and Fungi Protection 500 ml + Wellness Spray-Bio Spray for Faster Plant Growth 500 ml

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GARDEN PROTECTION SPRAY is a Herbal water based Eco-friendly spray made from Aromatic Oils and plant extracts. GARDEN PROTECTION SPRAY prevents and controls various insects and fungus based infestation in potted indoor and outdoor garden plants. GARDEN PROTECTION SPRAY gives long term pest protection and also brings a shine on plants which makes them appear fresh and healthy. It is ready to spray formulation and can be used immediately.

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Directions for Use

Shake bottle before use. GARDEN PROTECTION SPRAY has to be sprayed on the plants at a distance of 2 ft away from the plants so that the minute mist spray particles can cover the entire plant. Spray in the morning or evening for 7 days. Repeat spray every alternative week for 7 days.


Avoid direct contact with Eyes, cuts and wounds. Keep away from children and pets. Store in a cool place. For External Use only.


Each 100 ml Contains
Cymbopogan Citratus* Bhutika Oil 2 %
Eucalyptus globulus* Tallapama Oil 2.5%
Azardirachta Indica* Nimba Oil 3%
Excipients Water QS

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