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Instant Breakfast cereal

Rs. 420.00

Filled with goodness of Natural protein of Sattu (powdered roasted gram ), our instant breakfast cereal is a right balance of carbs, protein and fat for a wholesome start of the day.With richness of the nuts, oats and sattu, our cereal is a NO PRESERVATIVE , 100% RAW, PLANT BASED wholefoods meal that you can eat on the go!Half a cup of water or milk to 2-3 spoons of this powder can fill your stomach well. So next time you say “you don’t have time for your breakfast” probably you need to re-think!,_,Energy(Kcal)-107 Total Fat(g)-1.8 Saturated fatty acids(g)-0.18 Monounsaturated fatty acids(g)-0.78 Polyunsaturated fatty acids(g)- 0.64 Transfat(g)- 0 Total Carbohydrates(g)-21 Sugars(Sucrose)- 2.3g Dietary fibre(g)-2.3 Protein(g)-4 Vitamin B6-0.108 Sodium (mg)- 19

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