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Kerala Naturals Tender Mango Pickle 350gm - Homemade Pickle

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Kerala Naturals Tender mango pickle /Kanni Manga Achar is a traditional pickle, considered as King of Pickles in Kerala. Which is not just pickles or food, it’s an emotion in every season. It is one of the best pickles in Kerala cuisine. This pickle is served with rice, curd rice, chapati, or parathas. The blend of the spices and pure essence of the baby mangoes taste makes this pickle special.

What makes this special is the process, by which Mangoes are harvested without touching the ground so that they are not damaged in the process.  It is then washed, dried, and then stored in earthen vessels with salt.


  • Tender mango picked from our own farm to make tender mango pickles with the unique taste of Kerala.
  • 100% natural & Preservative free.
  • Authentic taste.
  • Homemade with Mom Love.

Kerala Naturals Tender Mango pickle is prepared by following traditional methods.  This pickle has a long shelf life (more than a year) even though no chemicals or preservatives are used during the process of storing mangoes or processing pickles.

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE March 2024
HOW TO USE This pickle is served with rice, curd rice, chapati, or parathas.
INGREDIENTS Tender Mango, Chilly powder, Salt, Mustard, Fenugreek,Asafoetida,Gingelly Oil
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