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Lemongrass Green Tea - Helps with Blood Pressure, Weight, PMS, Digestion

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Teacurry Lemongrass Green tea assists with healthy blood pressure, reduce weight, and aids indigestion. It also helps to appease your stomach and keeps your digestive functions work normally. It contains a component that helps to digest food. Therefore, it's mostly served after dinner. it's been used as an ancient remedy for all stomach problems in Chinese medicine like bloating, constipation, or indigestion. Lemongrass Green tea is your detox tea - it's full of antioxidants that help in detoxing and cleansing you from within. It helps in the removal of the ill components from the body by relieving fluid retention. Lemongrass is nature’s formula for taming high. It's rich in potassium which increases urine in our body stimulates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. By increasing blood circulation, the tea also helps in purifying the liver. Lemongrass is additionally known to limit cholesterol absorption from the intestines, thus promoting overall heart health. 
- Full of antioxidants - One of the primary Lemongrass Green tea health benefits - is that it is full of antioxidants. It saves the human body from free radicals that are caused due to pollution and exposure to carcinogens. Lemongrass tea helps in eliminating these free radicals from the body and slows down their effects.
- Helps in weight loss - Lemongrass Green tea has always been considered a catalyst for weight loss. Paired with a good exercise routine, lemongrass green tea can help in reducing weight to a great extent. Detox lemongrass green tea is a good substitute for flavoury drinks and beverages. The soothing taste of lemongrass removes the bland taste of regular green tea that many people hesitate to drink. 
- Improves immunity - Lemongrass Green tea's health benefits also include its ability to improve the immunity of the body. It has a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, which can reduce infections and fight against germs in the body. The immune function improves and helps to eliminate cold and flu.
- Helps in skin glow and hair health - Lemongrass contains Vitamin A and VItamin C, which nourish the skin and makes the hair strong and healthy. It increases blood circulation and treats the oily textures of the skin. Regularly drinking Lemongrass green tea reduces acne, pimples, and eczema.

Extra Information

COLOR Yellow- Green
CONTENTS / IN THE BOX Lemongrass Green tea helps to reduce high systolic blood pressure. Lemongrass Green tea act as a diuretic which can helps to makes you urinate more often, ridding your body of excess fluid and sodium. Lemongrass Green tea is used as a natural remedy for menstrual cramps, bloating, and hot flashes. Teacurry Lemongrass Green tea contains several antioxidants, which can help scavenge free radicals in your body that may cause disease. Lemongrass Green tea has always been considered a catalyst for weight loss. Lemongrass Green tea also include its ability to improve the immunity of the body. Lemongrass Green tea helps in promoting healthy digestion to over come stomach cramping, and other digestive problems.
EXPIRY DATE 18 Months from date of manufacturing
FOR Unisex
HOW TO USE For preparing 2 cups of the Tea - dip 1 tea bag or 2 gm loose tea or 2 gms loose tea in tea infuser in 2 cups (100 ml each) of boiled water (at a temp between 95-100 ˚C). Cover the cup with a lid and let it stay for around 5 minutes. Pull out the tea bag or strain the loose tea with tea strainer and drink the two cups in morning and evening.
INGREDIENTS Teacurry Lemongrass green tea consists of green tea leaves from the Himalayas and dried lemongrass leaves from Punjab region.
SIZE Medium
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