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South Indian filter coffee is brewed with a metal device that resembles two cylindrical cups, one of which has a pierced bottom that nests into the top of the "tumbler" cup, leaving ample room underneath to receive the brewed coffee. The upper cup has two removable parts: a pierced pressing disc with a central stem handle and a covering lid. The upper cup is loaded with ground coffee. The grounds are then compressed (i.e., tamped) with the stemmed disc into a uniform layer across the cup's pierced bottom. The coarser the coffee grinds, the more one has to tamp the coffee to retain the same extraction. With the press disc left in place, the upper cup is nested into the top of the tumbler and boiling water is poured inside. The lid is placed on top, and the device is left to slowly drip the brewed coffee into the bottom. The resulting brew is generally much stronger than Western drip/filter coffee, and often stronger than even espresso because of the longer brewing time.Traditionally, the coffee is consumed by adding 1–2 tablespoons of the brew to a cup of boiling milk with the preferred amount of sugar. The extraction process may be continued once or twice more with the same coffee powder but the brew will be much lighter 1000 gms pack at reduced price available

Extra Information

EXPIRY DATE 9 months
FOR Unisex
HOW TO USE use electric or manual drip coffee maker
INGREDIENTS Arabica Cofee Powder 70% and chicory powder 30%
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