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Moisturizing Skin Care Duo for Dry Skin, 100% Natural & Pure, deeply moisturizes skin & heals skin

Rs. 920.00

INTENSE HYDRATION AND NOURISHMENT: Deeply moisturizes the skin so as to give it a soft, supple and well-hydrated complexion.
REVITALIZING AND INVIGORATING: Soothes and calms skin. Mild gentle formula with a variety of skin restoration qualities revives and heals skin cells.
ALL NATURAL: Coconut Milk (Cocos nucifera): Rich in lauric acid, improves elasticity, moisturizes and softens skin. Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) (sourced from Bulgaria): Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, detoxifies, cools and refreshes skin.
COMBO INCLUDES: Vedaearth Moisturizing Face Wash + Vedaearth Moisturizing Body Wash

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