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PET Wipe (pest free) - Concentrate

Rs. 440.00
Natural Origin Bio Enzyme based Fresh and Pest-free Wipe for PETs (350 ml)Ingredients:Bio Enzyme with Soapnuts, Neem oil and Pure essential oils.100% Natural, bio-degradable, environmentally safe and Lab-tested. Anti-bacterial efficacy of 99.99%.Cleans only the outer fur and retains oil on their skin that keeps their skin healthy.
Usage: Shake well and Dilute before Use.
Mix 1 part pet wipe to 10 parts water. Dip a cloth/scrubber and wipe the pet's coat followed with plain water wipe. Wipe the pet dry with a dry cloth or let them dry in sun.
Use only when required once a day for upto three days. If infestation is severe bathe the dog or the puppy in diluted water.Keep away from sunlight and replace cap tightly after use. Best before 2 years from date of manufacture.
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