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Pharma Science Bhringraj Ayurvedic Hair Oil - for Strong, Long and Thick hair -100ml

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For hair-related issues, Ayurveda has always favoured pure natural oils and their wonderful blends.  From dry, frizzy and unmanageable to grey and weak hair, Ayurveda has a cure for all in the form of HAIR TONE OIL, the best ayurvedic hair oil for all. Curated of select precious herbs, Hair tone oil is a miraculous treatment that promises to make your tresses thick, lush and shiny. This natural hair oil comes with a 7 days challenge to tackle hair fall issues and nourish your hair. 

Now tackle all your hair issues with Pharma Science hair tone oil. This unique natural hair oil is just the thing you require to achieve beautiful, thick, lush and strong hair. Hair Tone Oil incorporates traditional wisdom and is composed of exclusive ingredients ensuring healthy and smooth hair after every wash.

Constant stress, chemical usage, irregular lifestyle, and poor dietary habits make hair weak, dull, and grey. One can also suffer from severe hair loss leading to thinning of hair and even receding forehead in men. Hair tone oil is the best Ayurvedic hair oil that combats all issues related to hair, and with the power of precious herbal ingredients transforms even the worst hair into nice shiny locks. Unlike the common chemical-laden products, Hair tone oil is completely natural and is made with the traditional Ayurvedic Ksheerpak method, which is the ideal way to obtain maximum benefits from the power-packed ancient herbs.

Extra Information

FOR Unisex
HOW TO USE To maximise the benefits of Hairtone oil it should be applied with the help of the dropper provided in the oil kit. Pour 10 to 15 drops of oil in the scalp and massage it well
INGREDIENTS Bhringraj,Amla,Brahmi,Shikakai,Neem,Nallennai,Sesame
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