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Premium Instant Coffee Jar (Medium)

Rs. 450.00

Medium Strength Instant Coffee from the house of Beans and Roots is an instant cup of happiness to start your day with. You will get hooked to the instant coffee, instantly!

  • A unique coffee- “medium strength”
  • Made with the finest blend of Arabica and Robusta
  • Procured from the farms of Coorg, Karnataka
  • Nature identical flavouring that gives a unique experience of aroma and taste. Enjoy the authentic taste of coffee in every sip.
  • Tastes like a freshly brewed cup of coffee you’d get in a high-end speciality cafe at fraction of the cost. Rich and full flavoured with a smooth finish.
  • Thick Creamy Rich Paste of 100% Pure coffee, Ready to Drink Instant coffee. Creates a natural crema in churning with milk or water.
  • Packed in glass jar-bottle of happiness for freshness and aroma; sugar-free, perfect for your morning black coffee for the morning kick; flavoured black coffee for morning. Enhanced processes ensure that the fresh coffee aroma is preserved.
  • Nut Free, No Added Sugar, Suitable for Vegans, Dairy & Gluten Free. No added preservatives, colours or additives.
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