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Pure Golden Lanolin

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Widely used for hundreds of years in skin care all thanks to its ability to soften, soothe and relieve dry, parched and tattered skin, Lanolin is derived from wool grease which is a wax secreted by the sheep’s glands. Lanolin is said to increase the water content in your skin. This means your skin is free from cracks, dry patches and an unwanted stretchy feeling during perishing cold winters or in fact, irrespective of the season whenever you use a lanolin-based cream, moisturiser or emollient. Given its deep moisturising and water retention properties, lanolin makes its way in to the ingredients of countless personal care products particularly skin and lip care. Lip balms contain lanolin in galore and that spells cheer for your lips for they’ll be freed from the shackles of moisture loss. Flaunt a fuller, plumper and well-hydrated pucker with lanolin guarding your lips against the vagaries of nature. If you thought that’s all about the goodness of lanolin, here’s more: Lanolin ameliorates hair quality unbelievably! Used extensively in shampoos, conditioners and serums, lanolin’s addition brings lubrication which results in smoother, softer and well-managed locks. With Bliss of Earth’s premium golden lanolin at your service, have a whale of your DIY experiments with lanolin. The joy of making skin and hair care products from the scratch is altogether different!
  • Bliss of Earth Lanolin is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade with no fragrance, no preservative or additives.
  • Soothe Sore Nipples: It is completely safe for nursing moms suffering from sore nipples. It provides long term soothing to sore nipples.
  • Heal Cracked Heels: You will be amazed to see the recovery speed of your cracked heels. Guaranteed healing from cracks within a week of use.
  • DO a patch taste before use.

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COLOR yellow
FOR Women
SIZE 100gm
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