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Brahma Bull Double Edge Brass Safety Razor

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Original price Rs. 1,499.00
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Key Features:

  • Precision Razor
  • Easy to Use: Twist-to-Open Technology
  • Made of High Quality Brass
  • Heavy & Durable
  • Cost Efficient - non-expensive blades

Crafted with the finest Metal & Brass

Brahma Bull’s Safety Razor is designed keeping mind the shaving comfort & experience. One of the heaviest Safety Razors in the market, it provides a clean & close shave every time. Easy to use to get ready for an amazing Shaving Experience.


Get 20 Free Safety Blades with this Pack 

Works with all types of Safety Blades.


How to Use


Twist the Knob at the bottom to open the clamp

Then insert the blade inside the clamp.
Twist it back firmly to secure it
Hold the Razor at an angle so that it touches your face
Now shave in the direction your beard grows, i.e., with the grain


Made of Brass, Stainless, Steel & Heavy Allows
Weight approx. 210 gms.
Typically Life: 7-10 years
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