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Red Onion Volumizing Shampoo For Hair Volume, Hair Fall Control, Dandruff, Frizz Control, Shine & Strength, 200 ML

by Samisha
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Samisha Red onion shampoo is free from artificial chemicals such as parabens and sulfates, so it is completely safe to use. It helps in hair fall reduction and making your hair stronger and thicker. So all these reasons make it all-time best choice for all daughters and mothers.

- Reduces Split Ends & Makes Hair Voluminous
- Nourishes & Adds Shine to Hair
- Combats dry scalp & Dandruff
- Perfect For Hair Moisturization
- Makes Hair Soft & Silky
- Removes Build ups
- Completely Organic

1) Hair Fall reduction and Strengthening Hair -

Samisha Red onion shampoo contains natural ingredients that will help in strengthening hair roots resulting in reduced hair fall and much stronger hair.

2) No side effects -

This shampoo contains only natural ingredients and no artificial chemicals are used in making this product. So this shampoo, being natural and organic will lead to stronger and better hair without any side effects.

3) Control over dandruff -

This shampoo removes excess oil from scalp, gives proper nourishment to hair and its antidandruff formula will help in getting rid of your hair dandruff issues.

4) Hair growth -

Samisha red onion shampoo is very helpful for the hair growth and increasing hair density, will also help in the revival of drying hair.

5) Smooth and Silky hair -

This shampoo will remove all the excess dirt and oil from the scalp, making it look cleaner. The natural ingredients used in it will make the hair more smooth and silky, the hair will look more attractive.
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