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Shade Revive Performance Detergent - 450ml

Rs. 269.00

We formulated this innovative performance detergent especially for your solid, dark-coloured garments and linen. From the first wash, it protects new garments from fading and restores the colour of used, dark-colored garments. Your clothes last longer and our landfills get smaller!

Restores & Revives Dark Colours

The innovative Colour Restore Technology we’ve infused in this formulation shows visible results from the first use and only improves with regular use. It effectively restores dark-hued garments and linen by working on enhancing the depth of their dyes and leaving them at their deepest, darkest best.

Protects Colours From The First Wash

We believe that protection is far more effective than repair. That’s why we encourage for dark-hued garments to be cleansed using this innovative colour reviving technology. It works to ensure your new linen and garments are protected from fading from the very first wash.

Contemporary Fragrance

We captured the scents that waft through the crisp, mountain air in a fragrance that strikes the perfect balance between refreshing and long-lasting. It does not over-power but rather lingers mildly until the next wash.

Cleaning Efficacy

Our products are tested at Bureau Veritas and are proven to clean at par or better than traditional detergents.

Extra Information

FOR Unisex
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