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Short Natural Fletch Traditional Cane Arrow with Pro Nock ASNFTCAPN

by Armor
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Rs. 3,940.00

ASNFTCAPN is made from specially procured Cane which undergoes a process of seasoning and hardening not allowing it to lose its flexibility thus allowing the required deflection while the arrow is being shot.

The recommended draw weights with which the arrow can be used is 10 to 50 Lbs, the approximate weight of the arrow ranges from 15 to 35 grams depending on the thickness of the cane.

The arrows come with insert type metal alloy field tips.

The natural bird fletch installed onto the arrow gives it a great spin hence reducing air resistance and providing great flight while it has been shot.

The nock of the arrow is made from international archery standard material which is mounted to the arrow end, these nocks are specially designed to pinch the string hence allowing them to be drawn with the string without the archer needing to hold the arrow and the string together.

These arrows come in a standard length range of 29 to 30 inches but the same can be ordered with your required length the range on special order with a minimum order quantity of 100 or more pieces per order (Price will change for lengths beyond 30 inches).

These arrows are value-for-money and are ideal for recreational & professional shooters.

A must buy for regular and competition archers.

These arrows come in a set of 30 pieces and are ready to use. Price mentioned in list is per arrow price.

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